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БBulgarian folklore is the shortest way to our past, to what we are as nation and temper. Its knotwork made from customs, believes, music, dances and songs is personification of our Bulgarian

That’s why we took up the mission to shake the dust off the old customs, to bring out the embroideries and cloths from the chests and to vary our day with something forgotten. Our aim is to make modern more interesting and unique by the means of traditional. Whether with slight strokes or fully made by the folkloric tradition, a party or an event will acquire its own appearance different from the commonly accepted standards.

We are honored to make your wedding fabulous and unforgettable not only for you but for all your guests; to organize your feast as it was celebrated by our grandparents – in a genuine way with a lot of symbols Nevena Zhekovaand belief.

Modern or traditional style – it’s your choice.

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