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If you love to party and you want to make it in an original way you can take part in the adventure team building options we are organizing. It doesn’t matter if you are colleagues or friends, relatives or schoolmates, all together we can turn your stay in Koprivshtitsa in an amusing memory.„Close to nature…” hunting for … wild berries. We will turn one ordinary walk in the forest into funny experience. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries depending on the season will be the main target of this adventure.

„Down the road…” – Orientation in the forest can be real fun and in combination with riddles, searching for special places and competing elements will turn into an interesting way to spend a day in the nature.

„Get to know Bulgaria” – A walk in Koprivshtitza can bring a lot of new knowledge about popular people and historical landmarks. In search of interesting facts the walk will become a cheery experience.

Through the specificity of the adventures and their dependency of the weather, team building activities will be organized in the summer. Please contact us for more information.

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