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If you like Koprivshtitza because of the history or the charm of its nature and you decided to connect your holiday with this town we will help you to organize it in the best possible way.

You want to give your beloved person a surprise as you share few days in beautiful nature – we will help you to select the right place and to combine it with interesting amusements – riding, picnic, excursion.

Koprivshtitza is a place with ancient history. A holiday there is a nice opportunity Cherga.netfor your kids to find out and see how and where many significant events from our past took place. We will direct you and give you advices how to make our stay in the town pleasant and beneficial.

We will subserve you in organization of baptism, family meeting or firm’s party.

We will be glad to discuss your ideas for holiday and find out together a way to make it real. We are waiting for your questions and we will be delighted to answer them!

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