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We trully believe that with the options below we will manage to satisfy your expectations for one splendid wedding day. Traditional wedding made by ancient Bulgarian customs or modern celebration - just let your imagination lead you and we will follow it.

Bulgarian wedding„Bulgarian wedding” – we will organize your wedding celebration completely based on the traditions from the past. We will observe the pre-wedding customs, will organize the wedding in the spirit of old believes. Every single element will be in traditional Bulgarian style – clothes, wedding hall, ceremony, music, wedding table, decoration will carry the memory of the traditional Bulgarian wedding.

Forgotten traditions„Forgotten traditions” - will weave traditional elements into the modern wedding so as to turn it into a unique fairy-tale. Fine embroideries or ancient ritual, jewelry from pendars or delicate lace will add to the wedding charm and individuality.

Modern and charming„Modern and charming” – fine, enchanting dress, elegant suit, unique decoration, everything will be made to correspond to your dreams for a wedding day. We will spare the time for every detail with a lot of charm and fines to create together your unique experience.

Contact us, we will answer your questions and together will decide how to organize your wedding. The first consultation and discussion of the main idea for the wedding is free of charge.

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