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Wedding organization

Cherga EOOD has extensive experience in organizing weddings and events, but what sets us apart from other colleagues is profiling in our study and revival of old Bulgarian wedding rituals and traditions. Weddings and feasts organized by us can be completely authentic but also modern style or combined.

As part of the services we offer is organizing wedding celebrations and ceremonies of foreigners in Bulgaria and Bulgarians wishing to marry abroad.
The options are many and are determined by location, nationality and desires of customers. It is possible to make only party with fictitious rituals or to arrange civil and religious marriage by all the rules and laws.
In case of interest, we could discuss further all the details part of such organization.

Organizing seminars for prospective newlyweds

These seminars are aimed at all those who want to organize their wedding celebration alone. All their family and friends who are willing to help in the organization are also welcome.

Our goal is to share our many years of experience in organizing weddings and events to help and show how this is happening. Because we believe that these are the details that make a wedding unique and personal we emphasize exactly on them.

These workshops teach what to pay attention to, what to check and discuss when book a venue and:

  • How to deal with conversations with photographer and videographers.
  • How to select a florist.
  • What is important in the hiring of DJ.
  • Is it good to have a theme wedding.
  • What things are often missed and subsequently create unpleasant emotions and how to avoid them.
  • How to distribute tasks and to control the process.

And many more interesting and important wedding related topics.

In case there are future newlyweds who would like to spend two hours of their time for such consultation we will be happy to further discuss the details of this service.



Reconstruction of an authentic Bulgarian wedding

The aim of this project is to acquaint people with the emotion, beauty, meaning and mystique of Bulgarian wedding. In the past, the wedding looked like a tangle of rituals, beliefs, spells. Every detail had the power to prophesy, to bless, to portends. With time passing and changes in the lifestyle the wedding also changes - it becomes less magical and most of those mystical rituals are changed or forgotten.

We believe that the genuine aspirations for health, love, luck, success has not changed and we are confident that nowadays there is still place for little "magic" from the past.

The project involved professional choreographers, dancers, musicians, organizers.
The total number of participants in the reconstruction is 17 people.
Duration - 30-40 minutes.
Venue – town of Koprivshtitza with the possibility of considering other suitable cities and locations.
The initial idea was to conduct reconstruction from May to September because normally it happens outdoors in order to present more authentic and realistic appearance. There is the possibility to modify and make it indoors during the colder part of the year in interest.

The show includes recreating the traditional Bulgarian wedding with authentic rituals, music, songs and costumes. Some of the rituals are "braiding the bride", "shaving of the bridegroom", "going to best men and maid of honor", "welcoming in brides house", "veiling", "farewell to the bride's family", "welcoming in grooms house"," unveiling" and others.
Each guest will be provided with a booklet with "libretto", a brief description of each ritual.

Number of viewers - according to the possibilities of the venue.


Love story – photo session

This project is made for guests of Sofia who can get 2-4 hour photo session to capture their emotional connection. It is targeted primarily at couples or families, but can also apply to friends, colleagues, whomever is interested.

Photoshoots will be made in beautiful places in the city as the main goal will be to show in an elegant and unobtrusive way affection between them. Photoshooting is happening while walking, eating, having fun - the idea is to indulge in a casual atmosphere. The photographer is "telling" their story by taking pictures. The services of hairdresser and makeup artist are available upon request. Photoshoot duration - 2-4 hours

Default venue - Sofia. Of course, the clients can chose other cities for their session, traveling is an option upon additional agreement.

What they get: 30-50 processed pictures in electronic format in full resolution, plus re-sized Internet files. The number of pictures depends on the duration of the photo session and opportunities to diversify locations for carrying it out.

There is a possibility for the development of photo album / photo book in various sizes and number of pages. More details can be specified upon request. The basic package is with pictures in electronic format for easy delivery of the final selection.


Handicraft workshops – to learn and remember

The magic of lace

If you are interested in old Bulgarian hand crafts as “kene”, “tatting”, “kalofers lace” (also known as “bobbin lace”) we can give you the base to start develop your skills. Our proficient teachers can explain and show the magic of creating nice laces and use them for cloths, jewelry, souvenirs.

The idea of this workshop is to give the directions, the main techniques in creating handicraft items.
We believe that people can learn the basics in several hours and afterwords all they need to do is develop and improve their skills.

The beauty of Bulgarian folklore costumes

If you are interested in Bulgarian costumes we'll be happy to teach you about all the details, elements, embroideries and secret messages hidden in them. You'll learn more about differentiation based on region and social status. You'll be able to see, touch and even dress with different costumes and feel the beauty of it.

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